Shibuya Sowa Law Firm was established in 2013, and since then, we have provided high-quality legal services to various Japanese companies and individuals in Japan.

Shibuya” is the place where is famous for having a world-famous intersection in Tokyo. And “Sowa” originally means sum of something; as we always focus on all clients’ satisfaction and best interest of clients, we chose the name, Sowa, hoping our law firm can be the place where leads everybody to every happiness. We have been and will be pursuing the best results for our clients.

We wish to advise corporate and other clients, both in domestic and foreign, on various matters such as corporate, inheritance issues etc.
                          Head of the Law Firm
                          Kumpei Ayabe

【Kumpei Ayabe】

2018-    Outside Corporate Auditor of Eco Style Co., Ltd
2015-2020 Outside Corporate Auditor of G-FACTORY CO., LTD.
2013-    Founded Shibuya Sowa Law Firm
2008-2012  Kobayashi Sogo Law Firm(Currently joins the Law Offices of Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu)
2008 Admitted to Japanese Bar (Qualified Attorney, Daiichi Tokyo Bar
2006 Passed Japanese Bar exam
2001 The University of Tokyo (LL.B.)

【Our team consists of the following attorneys】

Yuka Asari

(Solicitor〔NSW, Australia〕,Barrister and Solicitor〔New Zealand〕)
Yuka picture

【Practice Areas】

・General Corporate
・Drafting a variety of contracts and documents
・Labor (Employment)
・Visa Application process
・Real Estate (Conveyancing)
・Will and Inheritance

【Contuct us】

Shibuya Sowa Law Firm
Contact Information:
TEL +81-3-6416-1933
FAX +81-3-6416-1943
Address: SEKAIDO BUILDING7F, 2-10-10 Dogenzaka,
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0043 Japan